About Us

The Fairies Are Here and they have come to grant your little girl’s every wish! From lovely little hair bows to dazzling accessories, imagine how your child’s face will brighten with joy when she sees her very own enchanting Hair Bow Fairy Box delivered to her doorstep!

Our Mission

The Hair Bow Fairy is subscription box company dedicated to empowering the relationship between mothers and daughters by delivering lovely little hair bows, headbands, and accessories, laced with memories, smiles and surprises to both mommy & daughter, through something that many of us see as not only an accessory, but also as a necessity.

Charitable Work

Hair Bow Fairy donates hair bows to little girls who have been diagnosed with cancer. The Hair Bow Fairy will deliver Boxes of Gorgeous Hair Bows (with elastic bands), to the little girls, to lift their spirits, put a smile on their faces, create beautiful memories & to help make their pretty little heads, prettier!

The Hair Bow Fairy

is the brainchild of mother, wife, law school graduate & clinical scientist, who made the decision to pursue her childhood passions of art, design, and crafts. Inspired by childhood photos of little girls and their fun quirky hair bows, Hair Bow Fairy is a recreation of fond family memories, through the guise of a traditional hair accessory. Infused with modern stylish patterns, vintage and bold colors, our hair bows and accessories strive to create happy memories for moms and daughters everywhere.